Also Known As: Environmental Protection Agency

The United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the oversight of human health and the environment across the country.

A federal agency, the EPA develops regulations that are designed to protect the environment, particularly as it involves the health and safety of people. In terms of swimming pools and spas, this involves the regulation of clean air and water, as well as hazardous waste.

Created by executive order in 1970, the EPA is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has 10 regional offices and 27 laboratories. Along with writing regulations that meet federal law, the EPA conducts research and assessment. In addition, the agency enforces laws and levies fines. Its regulations are available online.

The EPA is responsible for regulating and monitoring a variety of activities regarding private and public pools and spas. For example, regulations oversee the safe discharge of chlorinated water, to protect local water sources and the environment. In addition, the use of pool water disinfectants is regulated by the EPA, so that swimmer and environmental safety are maintained. Further, pool equipment must often be EPA-certified, and pool chemicals should be stored and labeled according to EPA regulations. Pool owners and managers must be careful to follow EPA requirements to the letter.