Filter Manifold Repair (DE / Sand)

Dirty water or debris returning to the pool could be a symptom of a cracked filter manifold. In this situation, water is not passing through the filter properly.

To repair the filter manifold, follow these steps:
1. Shut off the filtering system, by unplugging it or turning off the breaker.
2. Open the purge valve on the top of the filter. This allows air to enter the filter chamber, releasing the water pressure.
3. Open the clamp assembly and remove the filter head.
4. Remove the top plate and cartridge elements. (This is a great time to clean these elements, if they are dirty.) If the filter is sand, remove the sand by scooping it out, tilting the filter to dump the sand or vacuuming.
5. Remove the drain plug, which will release any remaining water from the filter basin.
6. Remove the filter and bottom bulkhead fitting.
7. Remove the filter manifold, and check it for cracks or broken pieces.
8. Replace the broken or cracked filter manifold, if necessary. Hairline cracks may be repaired with an epoxy designed for this purpose.
9. Carefully check and lubricate o-rings. Replace any that look worn.
10. Reassemble the filter tank, replacing the sand or cartridges.