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Pool ladders are designed to assist swimmers in and out of the pool in areas where the water is deep. In an inground pool, the ladder attaches to the deck and hangs into the water.

An above-ground can be fitted with an A-frame ladder that includes treads on either side of the pool. The base of a pool ladder should brace against the inside of the pool, making it sturdy enough to climb up or down. In addition, the treads of a pool ladder should prevent slipping, so that the bottoms of the feet can grip while the swimmer is climbing.

Typically, pool ladders are 18 inches wide. The length of the ladder should be determined by the distance from the bottom of the pool to the top. Correctly sized ladders more comfortable to use. Common materials include stainless steel and aluminium. To keep the ladder from heating up in sunlight (and being too hot to touch), make sure that the material used is coated with white powder. Rubber grips are available to make the ladder safer and easier to use.

Ladders are attractive spots for kids and rowdy adults to play. Lifeguards should prevent this activity so that the area is clear for other swimmers and to avoid injury.

When closing the pool for the winter, remove all ladders and clean them carefully. Store them in a clean, dry area, to avoid damage during the winter months. Inspect ladders carefully for damage, repairing or replacing them immediately, if necessary.