Leaf Rake

Also Known As:

Large pieces of debris can be removed from the pool using a leaf rake. With a long handle and a fine net pouch at one end, a leaf rake can be skimmed across the surface of the pool, picking up leaves, trash and other large debris. It can also be submerged to retrieve debris that has fallen underwater.

A leaf rake is particularly useful with pools surrounded by trees. In addition, it’s a go-to tool when opening the pool for the swimming season. At this time, heavy debris may have fallen to the bottom of the pool. In addition, when removing the cover from a closed pool, leaves and other debris may fall in the water. It’s important to remove these, as a first step in the opening process. To remove this debris, drag the leaf rake in a pattern across the floor of the pool.

The frame of a leaf rake may be made of aluminum and the netting of polyester. The handle should be light, so that it is easy to carry and maneuver across the pool. The handle should also be made of material that will not become hot to the touch in warm and sunny conditions. An extension pole allows the user to rake large sections of the pool at one time.