Lifeguard Chair

Also Known As:

Towering over the pool, a lifeguard chair offers lifeguards an unblocked view of the water and swimmers from an elevated position. From that vantage point, the lifeguard can assess possible safety problems and quickly identify when swimmers are in trouble.

With a ladder attached to the side, the lifeguard chair is often shaded by a large umbrella. This shields lifeguards from damaging sun and keeps them cooler. Hooks and compartments may be specially designed to hold gear, making it easily accessible in the case of an emergency and out of the way of the curious hands of young swimmers. Lifeguard chairs are typically made of wood or resin. In large facilities, they may be painted white, so that they stand out from other objects.

As an important piece of safety equipment, lifeguard chairs should be maintained carefully. They should not be used as climbing equipment or playthings and should be restricted to use by on-duty lifeguards.