Multiport Valve

Also Known As: Vari-Flo Valve, Backwash Valve, Filter-Control Valve

Also known as the Vari-Flo valve, backwash valve or filter-control valve, the multiport valve offers a variety of functions with a simple twist of the valve handle. However, these are only used in pools with sand or DE filtering systems.

These valves typically have seven settings, including: filter, backwash, rinse, waste, closed, recirculate and winter. In order to change a valve setting, the pump must be off. The valve should only be turned in the clockwise position regardless of location of next position setting. The pressure spring inside the unit is designed for clockwise rotation and damage will occur if counterclockwise movements are performed.

It is important that the internal gasket of the multiport valve be lubricated daily. A locator notch, visible after removing the internal mechanism, helps with alignment.

Clearly, it’s important that the multiport valve works properly. If not, water can leak out of the backwash line and dirt can return to the pool when vacuuming. If water leaks by the spoke or spider, gasket debris can bypass the filter. Servicing a multiport valve can be a do-it-yourself project, but its a complex process. It may be quicker and less expensive to enlist in the help of a pool professional.