Also Known As: Chemical Controller

Simply put, automation is the use of machines, computers and other processes to reduce manual labor. Many aspects of pool maintenance are now automated, including sanitation, cleaning, filtration, lighting and sound.

Chemical automation offers the promise of perfectly balanced pH and chemical levels. Devices test the water for imbalances, adding or slowing chemicals as necessary. Automating the monitoring of pH balance and sanitizer can help reduce the cost of supplies, maintenance and repairs.

In addition, vacuums and other cleaning devices can be automated. Robot vacuums can be placed in the pool at all times and set on a specific cleaning schedule. More elaborate automated cleaning systems include cleaning heads that supply water jets to the pool surface, moving debris to a containment drain for emptying.

Heating, water features and lighting can also be automated, so that a pool is ready and waiting at a particular time each day or lights are turned on to maximize safety. In addition, pool and spa covers can be removed and stored in a small space with the push of a button. Sound and security can also be integrated into a larger automated system.

Automated features can be controlled from touch panels installed in the pool house or more remotely, from a smartphone.