Most often a canister or floater, a brominator dispenses bromide into a pool for sanitation. Pool water flows through the device, breaking down the bromine tablet inside and releasing the element into the water at a controlled rate.

Automatic brominators hold a reserve of bromine tablets and are installed on the filter system. In this process, the pool pump pressurizes the water and carries it through the unit. This allows for the bromine disinfectants to break down into solution and be released into the water. High-capacity brominators can automatically sanitize very large pools.

In a hot tub, a floating brominator may be the best option. The tablets are stored inside a canister that floats on top of the water at all times. Bromide is dispensed as non pressurized water flows through the canister.

A good brominator should be adjustable. Like with any sanitation system, bromide levels should be checked regularly to ensure that the water is clean, without too much chemical. The amount of bromide released into the water can be adjusted, based on the number of swimmers and other conditions, including heat and sunlight. Bromine levels should be kept at between 2.5 and 4 parts per million (ppm).