Also Known As: Pool Deck

The surface surrounding an inground or above ground pool or spa is called the deck. These are constructed of a variety of different materials. Choices depend on several factors, including aesthetics, cost, climate, installation and maintenance.

The most popular decking material is concrete. It is affordable and simple to maintain. Finishes vary from polished to textured; tinting and stamping can mimic the look of natural stone or tile.

Natural stone, pavers, brick or tile are applied one-by-one and separated with grout or mortar. Like concrete, the finishes can offer a variety of textures and colors. Natural stone is probably the most expensive option, while tiles can be used to create artistic mosaic designs. Brick absorbs heat, which may make it an uncomfortable surface to walk or sit on.

Rubber decking can be applied over an existing concrete deck. Soft on the feet, it can also reduce the risk of slipping. It comes in many colors and does not chip or crack.

Wood decks are the only option for most above-ground pools. They’ve also recently come into fashion with in-ground pools, as exotic, water-resistant woods, like Cumaru or Tigerwood, are more readily available. Pressure-treated pine is common for most above-ground pool decks.