Equipment & Other Hardware

Also Known As: Spring Clips, Skimmer Net, Weir

Sometimes, there isn’t a lot we can say about a part or piece of equipment. You’ll find the little things listed here. But even though they are little they still make a big impact.

Spring Clips

Spring clips are used on the end of a extension pole to connect attachments. Vacuum heads and leaf nets all utilize spring clips to connect the equipment to the pole.

Skimmer Net
This is a plastic frame with a screen that is attached to a telescopic pole for removal of surface debris.

Often referred to as a “flapper” on the skimmer, a weir’s main job is to keep large debris from getting back into the pool water after it has passed into a skimmer basket. In other words, it acts like a one-way door for leaves, bugs or anything else that was pulled in by the skimmer from the pool’s surface.