Filter Aid

Also Known As: Clarifier

Cloudy water may be a sign of a pH or chemical imbalance, or it may mean that the filtering system cannot keep up with the debris. If the pH is balanced and the chemicals are at the right levels, a filter aid or clarifier may be the solution to cloudy water.

Like a flocculant, a filter aid is a polymer that clings to dirt, making it larger. But unlike a flocculant, which must be vacuumed from the bottom of the pool floor, a clarifier is pulled through the filtering system. Filter aid allows for smaller particles to attach to each other forming larger clusters which are then caught in the septum or filter media. Because the particles are larger, they are more easily trapped by the filter.

There are a variety of different formulas on the market, and it may be necessary to try several to discover the one that works best. To use a filter aid, first clean the filter and turn on the system. Then add the filter aid to the skimmer. After the water is clear, backwash the filter system to remove the debris or clean the filter cartridges.

DE powder may be an effective filter aid in pools with sand or cartridge filters. DE is a natural fossil that coats the existing filter media and preventing even the tiniest debris from getting through the filtering system. Adding DE to sand or cartridge systems can elevate the tank’s operating pressure, so it’s important to carefully monitor pressure during this process.