Flex Tube

Also Known As: Chemical Feeder Tube

The pool requires proper levels of chlorine to meet health and safety codes. One way to introduce chlorine to the water is through a mechanical feed unit called a chlorinator or a peristaltic pump. This system depends on something called a flex tube.

The peristaltic pump unit draws the chlorine from a containment vat up a ? inch or ¼ inch flexible tube. Chlorine is then injected via a fitting in the return side pipe leading back to the pool. The peristaltic pump pinches a section of tube through its rollers, drawing the chlorine up the tube. The roller set is in constant movement, based on the amount of chlorine demand of the pool.

The unit may be operated by a manual switch or connected to automation turning the feed unit on and off. The tube being pinched between the rollers is the flex tube. This tube eventually loses its rigidity, collapsing or flattening out, like an unused garden hose. When this happens, the flex tube must be replaced to allow for proper chlorination.

In addition to chlorination, the same process can be used to adjust the pH of the pool water by adding acid. The acid feed tube must be made of a different material to account for a different chemical makeup, but it is still be known as a flex tube.