Flowmeter Repair

Cracks in an existing concrete or tile deck may be signs of bigger problems under the surface. Be sure to inspect the facility carefully to overrule that possibility.

A flow meter measures the flow of water through the pool’s filtering system and returning back to the pool. It is attached to the plumbing in a conspicuous place, so that the flow can be monitored on a regular basis. A flow meter should be installed on the return line after the filter tank. It must be fitted to a long section of pipe, according to the manufacturer’s directions. In addition, the size of the meter installed depends on the diameter of the pipe itself.

1. Shut off the filtering system, by unplugging it or turning off the breaker.

2. Release the water pressure by lifting the valve on top of the filter.

3. Determine the proper location of the flow meter, according to the length of pipe available and the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure there is enough clearance above the pipe for the flow meter to fit and be easily read.

4. For a pitot-style flow meter: Drill a pilot hole in the pipe at the correct location. Then use a larger bit to drill the hole for the flow meter. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Sand all burrs so that hole is smooth. Insert the pitot tube or digital flow meter, making sure that the gasket is secure. Secure clamps to either side of the flow meter, insuring that the instrument is perfectly straight. Important: Install without using any lubricants.

5. For a digital-style flow meter: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cutting the pipe and installing the flow meter.

6. Turn on the power to the filter system and close the relief valve on top of the filter.