The surface of a pool’s water contains the most contaminants, including dirt, body oils and bacteria, as well as large debris like leaves. Therefore it’s important to skim the pool’s surface regularly. In the absence of skimmers, this is the job of a pool’s gutters.

Gutters are overflow channels that fit along the edge of the pool. Floating debris and oil flow into the gutters and into the balance tank. Pools with gutters do not typically have skimmers.

Constructed of two separate channels and a grated trough that spans the perimeter of the pool, gutters collect the water from around the pool. They recirculate the water, bringing the filtered water back into the pool.

Gutters can also be custom made to fit any pool design. Tile can be added to the perimeter to mask the stark finish. Of course, since stainless steel can corrode, it’s important to carefully clean these gutters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Gutters are said to speed up a racing pool, because they reduce turbulence on the surface of the water. The wider the gutter the more the turbulence is reduced.

Gutters also allow for luxurious designs, like infinity and perimeter overflow pools. The gutters installed on these pools allow the water to flow right up to the edge or spill over the sides of the pool.