Also Known As: Pool lift, ADA Lift, Handicap Lift

By January 13, 2013, all large public pools (greater than 300 linear feet) must be equipped with at least two accessible means of entry. Smaller public pools (less than 300 linear feet) must have at least one accessible entry. For many pools, this means installing a permanent or portable pool lift. These devices are designed provide accessible entry and exit, for guests who have physical limitations.

This lift must be positioned where the water level is lower than 48 inches, unless the entire pool depth is greater than 48 inches. When the lift is in the raised position, it should be located over the deck and at least 16 inches from the edge of the pool. This provides a comfortable distance for the user to transfer from the water to the deck and vice versa. In addition, the deck surface should not slope by a ratio of more than 1:48. There must be a 36- by 48-inch space on the deck, so that a wheelchair can be positioned beside the lift. The lift seat must be positioned so that a child (16 inches) or adult (maximum of 19 inches) can be easily transferred to it. The seat must be a minimum of 16 inches wide, and footrests are required for pool lifts.

Controls must be available at the deck level and water level, allowing the user to access them from either location. The lift seat should be submerged to a minimum of 16 inches below the water level. In addition, the lift should be able to accommodate up to 300 pounds.