Pool Manager

Also Known As:

The pool manager is in charge of the operations at a swimming pool. These can include managing employees, as well as communicating with pool members and guests and coordinating maintenance.

In terms of staffing, the pool manager may be responsible for supporting the hiring of seasonal employees, like lifeguards, as well as overseeing their continued training and certification. Therefore, they must be very comfortable with managing employees, including counseling or disciplining poorly performing staff members.

At community pools, the manager may also be responsible for coordinating special events and classes. This could include communicating with pool members via newsletters, email and social media. The manager may also need to conduct member meetings to introduce changes and updates to pool policies or proposed renovations.

The pool manager may also oversee all maintenance and repair, including opening and closing the pool for the season. In addition, the manager will coordinate regular maintenance, setting visits from various pool professionals.

Finally, the financial aspects of pool management are part of this job description. From developing budgets to managing payroll, the pool manager is responsible for the fiscal health of the facility.

Not all pools hire a pool manager. In some cases it makes more sense to contract this responsibility out to a pool management company. Particularly in apartment complexes or hotels, a pool management company can provide services without hiring a full-time employee.