Also Known As: UV Ozonators, CD Ozonators

An ozonator creates oxidization by introducing ozone into the pool or spa water. This boosts the effectiveness of chlorine and other sanitation chemicals, helping to kill bacteria and viruses.

There are two basic types. UV ozonators use ultraviolet light to make ozone, while CD ozonators use corona discharge — similar to the electricity in a thunderstorm — to create ozone.

The idea is to split some oxygen molecules (O2) and recombine them into ozone (O3). The ozone is introduced into one of the pool pipes via a tube from the ozone generator, mixing the ozone with the pool water. The ozone oxidizes the water, increasing the effectiveness of the sanitizing chemicals.

Ozone is very reactive, attaching itself to contaminants very quickly. That means it is also consumed quickly. Especially in large pools, the ozonated water may not reach all of the pool water, including the surface, leaving algae and other contaminants. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use an ozonator in place of other sanitation systems.

Still, ozonators can reduce the amount of chlorine used. Because oxidization turns combined chlorine back into free chlorine, there is no need to add additional chlorine to the water. In turn, this can make the pool water more comfortable.