Pool supervisors have a variety of different responsibilities, overseeing the management and function of one or many pools or spas.

The job description usually includes the following:

  • Work part-time in preseason to help prepare pools for opening
  • Work six days per week from Memorial Day through Labor Day
  • Oversee the operations of 10 to 15 swimming pool facilities within a specific geographic area
  • Maintain direct relations with owner representatives, health department officials and more than 30 lifeguard personnel
  • Properly staff each pool paying close attention to both budget and schedule parameters
  • Inspect each facility at least twice weekly
  • Meet with the regional manager once a week to review field reports
  • Staff all pools within a specific geographic area
  • Meet with staffing director at least once a week to review staffing
  • Train all pool staff in proper pool procedure, including guarding, cleaning, paperwork, public relations and more
  • Ensure all pools are run effectively and stay within the health department regulations at all times
  • Solicit for any necessary parts or repairs for facility and obtain authorization for work to be completed
  • Deliver and install any and all parts authorized by owner
  • Complete or oversee the completion of all minor repairs