Regional Manager

Also Known As:

While a pool manager oversees one facility, a regional manager is responsible for several pools or spas in a geographical area. Unlike other positions, this is a year-round job.

Regional managers typically manage a portfolio of residential and/or commercial pools. They are responsible for customer service, coordinating maintenance and repairs, scheduling inspections, meeting with property boards/staff and overseeing operations at their aquatic facilities.

During the off-season, a regional manager is in planning mode, developing the calendar for the upcoming season and communicating with pool owners. In addition, the regional manager may be responsible for responding to off-season emergencies, like storm damage. If renovations are being done, it’s the regional manager’s job to keep up-to-date on the work for their area and communicate information back to customers.

During the pool season, a regional manager can expect to work more hours during the week, including popular pool holidays. With a bulked up staff of lifeguards, pool managers and supervisors the regional manager will help oversee staff in their area, responding quickly to any problems that arise. In addition, the regional manager must be aware of any maintenance or repair issues and will respond quickly to inform the pool owner.