Also Known As: Inlet

Also known as an inlet or pool return jet, a return is the last step in the pool water filtering process. It is a line or fitting through which clean water is emptied back into the pool.

These fittings are installed in shell of the pool, using the appropriate methods for the given the finish. A female fitting is installed into the side of the pool itself. Then the male fitting is screwed into the female fitting. This allows the flow of water to be adjusted.

In addition, the “eyeball” of the return fitting can be adjusted. When the water is being pushed down to the bottom of the pool, the return can help keep debris from accumulating on the floor. This also makes for a quieter pool. On the other hand, when the return fitting is rotated up, it creates a soft bubbling sound. More sophisticated returns can be embedded in swimming pool lights. The male fitting can be replaced by a pool fountain for a unique display. Return fittings can be installed in the walls, steps or floor of the pool. In a variety of sizes and colors, the return can be selected for aesthetic, as well as functional, reasons as well.

At closing, pool return fittings are usually removed, cleaned and stored. After the return lines are blown with clean air, rubber plugs are installed to stop water from entering the lines and freezing. If this happens, the return lines can crack or burst.