Safety Action Plan

Also Known As: Emergency Response Planning

A pool’s safety action plan is a set of steps that are to be following the case of a variety of emergencies, ranging from weather to facilities to drowning emergencies.

The idea is to provide guidelines that all staff members can follow, offering a uniform response that keeps patrons and staff safe, while quickly contacting needed emergency response teams.

Of course, if anyone is in danger, dialing 911 is the first line of defense. It is a good idea to include a script that can be used when calling 911, so that the appropriate information can be relayed quickly. These plans also outline how to follow up on incidences, including any paperwork that should be completed and filed.

A facility emergency plan addresses issues with the buildings, equipment and grounds. It should prompt employees to assess whether people are in danger, as well as whom to contact if equipment needs immediate attention.

A weather emergency plan outlines how staff should alert swimmers to get out of the water and take cover if necessary. A chemical or fire emergency plan includes steps for confirming the danger once an alarm goes off, as well as the process for evacuating the building.

Physical emergencies, including illness, injury and drowning, require more detailed plans. Lifeguards, in particular, should be well-versed in the process employed by the pool, as well as the correct steps for life-saving techniques. In many cases, there are steps for those assisting the victims, as well as bystanders.

The various parts of a pool’s safety action plan should be posted in areas accessible and visible to all employees. These plans should also be reviewed with the staff periodically, so that they understand their importance.