Safety Surface

Also Known As: Safety Flooring

Slipping on a slick deck is one of the most common swimming pool risks. So, in recent years, safety surfaces have become popular for new and renovated facilities. Whether poured in place or laid on top of the existing deck, a safety surface is designed to reduce the chance of injury due to falling on a wet surface.

In addition, safety surfaces are often more comfortable to walk on. When made of rubber, they have a cushion-like feel to them and don’t get hot to the touch, no matter what the temperatures. They often come in a variety of bright colors, providing a unique design element, as well.

These surfaces can cover decks, splash pads, wading pools and more. Permeable and porous, rubber safety surfaces are also durable and easy to maintain. Unlike cement, plaster, tile and vinyl, these surfaces cannot be damaged by pooling water, chemicals or salt water. Clean up is easy, using a broom or garden hose.

When poured in place, safety surfaces have no seams. Another option is tiles, which can be installed on top of an existing surface. Modular tiles can be permanently adhered or floated over the existing deck. Some companies offer recycled materials, which are ecologically friendly.