Sequestering Agent

Also Known As:

Not only can metals cause the water to become hazy but they can stain surfaces. Sequestering agents are designed to prevent these problems, by keeping metals in suspension or not letting them chemically combine with the water.

When added to the water, a sequestering agent binds to metal ions to form chelate complexes. These may be filtered out of the water or the metals are turned into water-soluble salts with are absorbed by the water.

Many plaster manufacturing companies require the use of sequestering agents to maintain the product’s warranty. That’s because metal deposits can stain surfaces and even cause pitting. Sequestering agents can also help prevent scale.

Some brands of sequestering agents must be diluted before they can be added to pool water. Read the instructions carefully, to be sure that the product is being use properly. Test the water before and after adding the sequestering agent to assess its effectiveness.