Shade Structure

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Pools are most fun when it’s sunny and hot, but without adequate shade, guests and employees risk sunburn and heat exposure. It’s important for all pools to have some sort of shade structure so that everyone can escape the sun’s rays, even for a little while.

These can be as simple as umbrellas. Whether affixed to tables or portable for use around lawn chairs, umbrellas should be easy to open and close with anchored or weighted bases. They should also be sturdy enough to resist damage from constant use and the elements. The fabric should protect users from UV rays, and the umbrella itself should have an ample circumference to provide the largest amount of shade.

More expansive sun structures may include gazebos, tents and even building overhangs. If made of fabric, these should also protect from UV rays to prevent sunburn. These structures should also be built to avoid tripping hazards. Because they cannot be easily stored, if at all, permanent or semi-permanent shade structures should be sturdy enough to resist the most extreme weather conditions possible.

In particular, shade structures should be placed or installed at lifeguard stations, so that guards can remain as cool as possible and avoid skin damage and sunburn. In addition, ample shade should be provided in spaces, like wading pools, where parents are likely to be watching small children.