Suction Manifold

Also Known As:

The suction manifold is the collection of pipes in front of the pump and motor, supplying the water to the pump.

Typically this consists of all the water-supply that feed the pump when the pump is turned on. The suction manifold regulates the pull of the motor through a particular line.

This pull is regulated via valves. The main drain line, vacuum line and skimmer line supply three sources of water to and from the pool. As these lines feed into the building through the wall or floor, each line will have a valve. These valves are found directly between the floor or wall of the building and the front section of the pool motor.

As a valve is closed, the amount of pull generated by the motor will be reduced. This forces additional flow through the other lines. During vacuuming the flow should be maximized. At that time, the main-drain and skimmer-line valves should be closed completely. At that time, the flow to the pump will be driven through the vacuum line. This could be done for the skimmer line or the main drain line depending on the operators need.

The suction manifold can develop leaks, and the valves can wear out or become damaged. Inspect these items regularly.