Florida Testimonials

We love what we do, and so do our customers.

"The Duo condo has two towers with 400 units. The pool consists of 97,000 gallon and a 1500 gallon Jacuzzi which was diamond brited and tiled a few months ago by American Pool. Our pool is used year around is one of the most used amenities on the property.

It was a true pleasure to work with Neil Gates and his staff in reference to this project. If we had any issues which there were few, they were resolved immediately and painlessly as we had more questions than problems. The job was completed much sooner than anticipated or promised and went extremely smoothly. His staff kept the area around the pool clean at all times and made sure on a daily basis that we were informed of the day-to-day processes. I would highly recommend American Pool as they and Neil are always available to answer any questions you may have. If all my vendors were this responsible my life as a manager would be a lot easier."

Ed Greyson, Property Manager

"I wanted to let you know that we had an issue here at Stuart House last week while our building superintendent was out of town. Someone turned on the water to the pool via a hidden valve (a prank, I’m sure), I was at work and called Victor, he came by and shut off the valve and drained the pool of excess water (the water was running into our flower beds…you can imagine how much water we’re talking about here). Victor called me and reported what had happened. I wanted you to know that we really appreciate the extra service and caring by Victor."

Vincent Martino, Board Member

"Just wanted to let you know that at the Protective Budget Workshop Meeting, when the topic of the pool came up, I said how happy I was with American Pool and that Sebastian was doing a great job of taking care of our pool. Barbara Peters, the President of Cypress Bend Protective as well as the President of her Association, Cypress Bend Condo VI, also said how pleased she was with the care that Protective’s pool was getting as well as Condo VI’s pool – they switched to American Pool just shortly before Protective did."

Janice Elliot, Property Manager

"Dear Neil,

Again you and your staff have gone far beyond what was expected… AP was contracted to redo the condominium pool I manage (Diamond Brite, tile, ladders, depth markers) which you did to perfection. You added chemicals to start up the pool. Unfortunately the motor seized up when we went to start the filter system.

While the pump motor was being repaired, you had your tech bring a portable pump and motor (on Saturday) so the pool would circulate and not damage our new surface. This is why all of our pool work is done by American Pool. My Board and unit owners demand perfection with their pool, and you deliver.

Thank you, Neil."

Larry Pollino, Property Manager