Our Maryland Staff

We have the experience and drive.

Take a moment to learn all about us. You will find we are an experienced, passionate and motivated team.

Michelle Porter
Michelle currently serves as the President of American Pool Virginia. She started her career with American Pool in 1989 as a receptionist and quickly moved up the ranks – thanks to her ambition and drive. She won the President’s Award (2001) for American Pool for her accomplishments. She has a strong leadership role with both the Virginia and Maryland offices. She enjoys the fast-paced nature of the industry and the family environment.

Michelle attended the University of Maryland and enjoys spending time with her family.

Marty Gates
Marty has decades of experience in the pool industry. He is currently the Vice President of Construction for American Pool. In this position, he is responsible for designing, planning and overseeing construction projects from a full pool renovation to a plaster resurface. Marty received a President’s Award (1999) for his dedication to American Pool and his ability to get the job done.

Daniel Kessel
Dan serves as the Regional Director of Business Development for American Pool Maryland and the Vice President of Management for American Pool Enterprises. He’s been on the clock for over 20 years and has been focused on building the American Pool business. In 1993, he started his career in aquatics as a lifeguard with American Pool. This has evolved into a passion for leadership and customer service.  Today, he comes to work everyday with a goal of strengthening customer relationships and working with a strong, dedicated team. He still loves the feeling of getting a new customer and exceeding their expectations.

In his spare time, Dan spends time with his wife and three dogs, cat and two chickens. He also has a baby on the way and relaxes by farming his half-an-acre garden in the backyard.

Chris Snyder
Chris’s first job in the pool industry was as a lifeguard staffer in 2004. After graduating college, Chris worked in management and project development. Eventually, he moved back to Maryland and joined the American Pool team as a pool manager. He advanced through different positions (service technician, assistant regional manager) to his current position of regional manager. He’s passionate about customer service and sales and helps bridge the gap between field personnel and office staff. His vast knowledge of pools (and love for problem solving) has helped him become a strong point-of-contact for customers.

Chris received his degree in Finance and Operations Management and a minor in Archaeology from Boston University. He’s thankful for his “non-desk” job, which allows him to work outside and experience moments like a sunset over a still pool water.

Matt Huson
Matt has been working with pools ever since he completed his first lifeguard/CPR certification courses 2004. While attending college, he was inspired by a passionate Aquatics Director and learned a lot about pool management and safety. After working on a military base as a lifeguard for several summers, he was convinced to take a supervisory position with American Pool. Every year, Matt was offered more responsibilities. He knew he loved the fast-paced environment after he experience his first spring as a regional manager – opening 60 pools in under three months. He’s been a regional manager for American Pool since 2009.

Most people like the job because it takes place outdoors, but Matt loves teaching and helping the people he meets along the way – from new lifeguards to property managers that want to put together a plan for their pool.

Matt graduated Penn State with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. His nickname in college was “The Professor” – this may have been inspired by his love for bow ties, but it also represented his excitement and passion for science and learning. Matt received the Spirit of Enterprise award from American Pool in 2012.