New York Testimonials

We get the job done for our customers.

Our customers know that we take the time to communicate and listen. Read some of our recent pool service testimonials below.

"As a condo owner in charge of our pool American Pool makes it very easy for me to enjoy myself. They take care of everything."

Ben P., Wilkin Management

"I like having a one stop shop for all our pool needs, including lifeguards!"

Gavin I.

"I gave them a 10 because we have great communications with them. All companies are the same, but they respond when you need them. Getting back to us quickly is good because long waits can cause a lot of problems when you’re watching over a pool, a quick response is needed."

Gavin I.

"Pro-active maintenance, 100% management of all related pool needs, responsive and easy to deal with!"

Jonathan M., Sequoia Property Management

"We’ve been very happy with them. They’ve been responsive to our issues and service requests and the lifeguards have been good."

Linda C.

"American Pool has a well-trained staff who approach their job with positive personalities. They respond to problems as quickly as possible and offer detailed explanations of service when requested."

April H. – Westtown, NY

"Out of all my contractors that I work with I would have to say that American Pool is by far the best. They are very attentive, responsive, very professional and a pleasure to work with. American Pool is such a phenomenal partner."

Maya L. – White Plains, NY