Our Southern New Jersey Staff

We have the dedication and drive.

Staff Highlights


Geoff Lawler

Geoff is currently the President of American Pool Southern New Jersey. Before he worked in the pool industry, he worked in sales as an account executive. At the beginning, he excelled in his position as regional manager. In 2008, he accepted the position of President of American Pool Pennsylvania. Geoff’s favorite part about the pool industry is the daily interaction with customers and co-workers and the fast-paced, competitive environment.

Geoff graduated from Connecticut College in 1997. In his free time, he spends time with his wife, daughter and three sons.

Rich Dillon

Rich is the Service Director for American Pool Southern New Jersey, and began his career with our company in 1997. Before his current career, he worked as a lifeguard and Construction Operations Manager in Philadelphia. He enjoys construction operations and working on pools. Rich is a certified service technician, pool operator and lifeguard.

When he is not at work, he spends time with his six children. He also enjoys deer hunting and deep sea fishing. In addition to his career, Rich is also a volunteer firefighter and travel soccer coach for his children’s soccer team.

Kate Brown

Kate is currently the Director of Staffing and Recruiting at American Pool Southern New Jersey. She began working with our company in 2005 as seasonal office personnel. Her responsibilities include: hiring, training and managing lifeguard employees. She is current Pool Operator certified.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and dogs. You can find her taking her Rottweiler puppy on long walks through the woods or at the beach. She wants to continue with college and earn her Bachelor’s degree while learning to speak Spanish fluently. She hopes to travel to Spain one day.

Leah Salto
Leah is currently the Assistant Staffing Director and has been involved in the aquatics industry for 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design and worked in the design industry for seven years.

In 2010, she began to pursue necessary certifications to obtain a career in aquatics. She is currently certified as a Water Safety Instructor, a Lifeguard Instructor and a Water Aerobics Instructor. She is also certified in CPR, AED, Lifeguarding, First Aid and Oxygen Administration. In her downtime, she enjoys snowboarding, adventure activities, arts and crafts, painting and photography.

Matt McDonough

Matt has been in the aquatics industry for 21 years. He began his career as a lifeguard while attending college and started his current job as Regional Manager in 2000. He is responsible for growing and managing the office. The fast-pace environment and new challenges everyday are what Matt enjoys most about his job.

He is a certified lifeguard, is CPR certified and he holds a Certified Pool Operator license. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer and two children, Patrick and Kyle.

Kevin Karol
Kevin is an Assistant Regional Manager. He began his career at our company in 2006 as a lifeguard. While lifeguarding, he attended Temple University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in strategic organization and communications with a concentration in public communication. Currently, he is attending Widener Law to get his Juris Doctor degree.

Tracy Wittenberger
Tracy is currently the Administrative Director. She began her career in the pool industry in 1999. She holds an Associate’s degree in applied science-business management, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Finance and is a Notary Republic for the state of New Jersey. She enjoys the people she works with and enjoys working independently.

Natalie Augustine
Natalie has been in her role as the Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Representative for American Pool Southern New Jersey for six years. Before joining our company in 2009, she worked for a family-owned pizzeria, she excelled as a full-time bank teller and interacted with customers for a car dealership. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending her free time outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activities are camping and boating.

Alec Flemming

Alec is currently a Service Technician. In 2009, he began his career in the aquatics industry as a pool cleaner. He is responsible for installing, repairing, replacing and maintaining all pool related equipment to keep the pool functioning properly. Alec holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration specializing in sports management from Western New England University.

Don Cramer

Don worked for 21 years operating and servicing swimming pools and water parks in Florida. He began his career with American Pool Southern New Jersey in 2014 as a Regional Manager. His favorite part about the pool industry is its ever changing nature as well as the opportunity to build relationships with customers and staff.

Don takes pride in the four years that he served in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve as well as six years in the Air Force Reserve. He recently earned his certification as a Personal Training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With a passion for fitness, his goal is to be able to aid those who wish to improve their health. He is a happy husband and father to three children and a dog.

Josh Wakeley

Josh graduated from Pennsylvania State University where he swam for the varsity swim team for all four years. His lifeguarding career began with American Pool Southern New Jersey in 2012, where he excelled and was given the opportunity to become a Supervisor and then eventually moved up to become an Assistant Regional Manager. Josh takes pleasure in the technical aspect of the industry where he can get his hands dirty to fix problems. He enjoys being a reliable person that can get the job done.

Ryan Mancuso

Ryan is celebrating his first year as an Assistant Regional Manager at American Pool Southern New Jersey. He is certified as a Lifeguard Instructor and as a Pool Operator.

Hank Ferris

Hank has worked with American Pool Southern New Jersey to 12 years. He is currently a Regional Manager.