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At American Pool, we believe that knowledge of the pool industry is important for all of our employees and clients to have. In our library, we provide a variety of resources to educate everyone on important issues, industry news and commonly used terms.


We want to provide our employees and our customers with a resource to learn more about the ins and outs of swimming pools. This glossary will teach you about materials, equipment, chemicals, processes and more. We believe it’s important to be knowledgeable about the many aspects of building and maintaining a pool.

Browse our glossary of over 100 terms to learn more about pools. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contribute a term and we will add it. We want to continually grow this section as the industry changes and develops.

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American Pool Edu

As the largest commercial swimming pool management, maintenance, construction and recreational facility management operation in the United States, we have a vast knowledge of the pool industry. We believe in spreading our knowledge, so that everyone has the tools to succeed.

American Pool Edu gives you access to white papers and other essential documents and forms. The white papers provide insight into important issues, our stance on them, and possible solutions that can help you solve your toughest problems.

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Aquatic Leader Magazine

Aquatic Leader Magazine is published semi-annually by American Pool as an informational and educational service to anyone interested in the pool industry. The magazine covers stories about pool safety, regulations, construction, maintenance, services, savings, technology and more.

Browse our library online to read every issue of Aquatic Leader Magazine completely free of charge.

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