AED Rental or Purchase

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) improve the safety of pools and can save lives when emergencies occur at your facility. American Pool provides rental and purchasing options for AEDs.

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Why AED rental?

Renting is the best way to get an AED that is compliant with regulations. We ensure that your AED is fully functional, manage ongoing maintenance, provide EMS registration, train lifeguard staff and offer client implementation support.

About Zoll AED Plus

American Pool is working with Zee Medical to provide smart AED technology. The Zoll AED Plus unit not only provides a shock, but helps with CPR by offering real-time feedback through voice and visual prompts.

AED Rental Package

AED Rental package is from Memorial Day to Labor Day and includes: Zoll AED Plus Unit, two sets of Adult pads, pediatric pads, program management, delivery, installation and pickup. Year-long rental packages are available.

AED Purchase

Purchase includes: Delivery and installation. Additional costs, such as replacing expired AED accessories, should be considered when purchasing an AED.

AED Rental

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