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Commercial Playgrounds

American Pool is now designing, installing and inspecting commercial playgrounds!

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Onsite Recreation

Get well-designed, color-coordinated and safe equipment. We have bike racks, picnic tables and more.

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All Types of Play

There are many options for modular or free-standing play equipment.

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Commercial Playground Equipment Design, Installation & Inspection

Package your pool and playground with one company

As play environments become more dynamic, there is a need for creative solutions – in and out of the water. American Pool has partnered with BCI Burke to provide commercial playground equipment as a national account distributor, installer and service provider.

BCI Burke is a manufacturer of premier commercial play environments. With 90 years of experience and an unmatched warranty program, Burke also ensures the quality and durability of their products. American Pool offers customers a large catalog of BCI Burke’s modular playgrounds and recreational equipment.

Our offerings include:

  • Large modular playgrounds (in a variety of themes and colors)
  • Classic playground sets (like swing sets)
  • Shade structures
  • Safety surfaces

We also offer other recreational equipment such as:

  • Picnic tables
  • Bike racks
  • Grills
  • and more

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Commercial playground installers

Information on playground services

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Top reasons to purchase from American Pool

  • Factory-trained installation teams
  • Certified playground safety inspectors
  • One-source solution from the professionals you already trust
  • FREE Maintenance Kit with every Burke play structure
  • Burke’s playground equipment features the exclusive Generations Warranty™
  • Playgrounds are made of high quality materials in ISO 9001:2008 facility
  • Complete offering of safety surface solutions

There is a huge variety of play equipment available for your community. Be sure to take your space, budget and community into consideration when making your selections.

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Shade Structures & Safety Surfaces

Shade Structures by the pool

Shade Structure
Install a weather-resistant structure that stands up to the elements. Shade structures allow your residents to take a break from the sun and enjoy your outdoor space longer. A properly installed shade structure can withstand 90 mph winds.

Safety Surfaces for play areas

Safety Surface Turf
Safety surfaces are sanitary, easy to maintain and compliant. Installing turf can also help to cut down on landscaping costs. Ultimately, a safety surface will keep children safe when they are enjoying your play equipment.

Playground Codes & Regulations

It’s not just swimming pools that have strict codes and regulations, playgrounds do too. In fact, these regulations are internationally enforced. The most important part to understand is that if these codes are not taken seriously, they could end up costing you a lot of money. Purchasing equipment made for private homes is not an alternative for commercial properties. It does not always meet the standards required for commercial playgrounds.

As an American Pool customer, your final design will meet these requirements and the ones enforced by the organizations below.


The Americans with Disabilities Act regulates playground accessibility. According to the ADA, children should be able to approach, enter and use a playground.

Items like ground level access and number of elevated play components all factor into making the design compliant, though there are some exceptions based on the final design.

View the ADA guidelines for play areas


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has a full guide book called Public Playground Safety Handbook. Fortunately, all Burke play structures are compliant with CPSC guidelines. That means you can choose the type of play structure you want without having to worry about if the CPSC public guidelines are being met.

View the CPSC guidebook


Another governing body is the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ASTM’s guidelines are technical and specific when it comes to playground equipment for different age groups. They cover everything from slides to surfaces. Luckily, all BCI Burke products are in compliance with ASTM standards.

View the ASTM-1487 Standard regarding public playgrounds


The International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association executes rigorous testing of playground products. In the interest of public safety, IPEMA provides third-party Product Certification services for U.S. and Canadian public play equipment and surfaces. This testing applies to both new and existing products.

Learn more about IPEMA at the website

Playground Inspections

Playground Safety Inspections

Many properties choose to install a playground only to fall short on maintenance and upkeep. The initial installation is important, but beyond that your playground requires maintenance to make sure it continues to be safe for your community.

If you haven’t yet this year, hire a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) to do a thorough inspection of your existing playground. This a must for preventing injuries and minimizing the risk of an unsafe community amenity – from a legal and monetary standpoint.

According to the International Playground Safety Institute, a CPSIs are, “certified to inspect playgrounds for safety issues and to ensure inspected playgrounds meet current national industry standards developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).”

Certification courses are offered through the National Recreation and Park Association.

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