Pool Equipment Care

As part of American Pool’s dedication to pool maintenance, we want to make sure that all of your equipment needs are taken care of too. This means making sure that all of your equipment is ADA and VGB compliant, but also making sure that your equipment lasts.

A key step in making sure that your pool equipment lasts is preparing for the upcoming seasons. Winterizing your pool helps to protect form weather related damages, but also allows opening to run smoother.

Winter pool maintenance includes having a safety cover in combination with algaecide, enzyme treatment, and phosphate removal. The ways that these tasks can protect your pool are simple.

Safety Cover: Safety covers are the number one winter protection device for pools. A properly fitted safety cover protects a pool from harsh weather, storms, and debris. It is important that your safety cover is fitted to the size of your pool. Another tip is that to avoid difficult with putting the safety cover on your pool, make sure that attachments and anchors are taken care of and lubricated.

Algaecide: Algae is what causes the green color that is often seen in pools as they’re being opened for the in-season. Algaecide helps prevent the growth of algae and also protects against severe stains that require aggressive cleaning to remove.

Enzyme Treatment: An enzyme treatment also protects your pool from severe staining. This severe staining occurs along the waterline of your pool and could require aggressive cleaning and even possible pool draining to get rid of.

Phosphate Removal: Certain phosphates can accelerate the growth of algae in a pool. By using the right product to remove these phosphates, your pool can be protected even further from algae and the staining that it causes.

Pump aid: Making sure that your pump is using the proper lubrication is essential in protecting a motor from winter damages. This treatment is especially recommended for cast iron or bronze pumps to keep them running well all year.