Pool Staffing and Management

What we offer:

Our pool management services provide punctual and friendly service to our customers. This includes:

  • Attendant services
  • Lifeguard services
  • Full service management
  • Custom management services

Specifically tailored operations depending on your needs help us to provide management you can trust and count on to create a safe and secure environment that is enjoyable for all. Our customized solutions may include:

  • Pre-season preparation
  • Year round staffing
  • In-season supervision
  • 3rd party survey programs
  • Post-season preparation

Pool Staffing and Management:

American Pools allows you to focus on your facility and leave the concerns of the swimming pool to us. Our pool staff, management and lifeguards are friendly, trustworthy, and knowledgeable making sure that opening, in-season, and closing items are running well.

In season, our supervisors, assistant regional managers, and regional managers conduct consistent visits and evaluations of safety readiness skills and general pool operation. The low ratio of pools to supervisors gives our management team the quality time they need to maintain a well-organized operation.This includes the time to attend of all scheduled pool or board meetings to facilitate communication and fast response to all feedback.

Our team has been crossed trained in management services and construction services in order to be able to identify preventative maintenance items and assist with in-season corrections immediately. The quick response to these concerns capitalizes on our in-house experts. This expertise allows for pre-season and post season preparation to maintain the quality and value of your property.


Guard for Life is a brand in itself that facilitates a fun, friendly, and safe environment for our clients. Read more information about Guard for Life or visit their website.

Audits and Feedback:

An independent auditor provides routine evaluations to make sure that we providing the high-quality service that our clients are accustomed to. This auditor evaluates the performance and skills of our lifeguards, and the safety of the facility by conducting periodic, unannounced visits. This audit is then recorded in a report that is communicated to the pool owner and American Pool.

Customer feedback is also very important to us and includes a 3rd party survey program. This program uses TLS, an outside research firm, to contact our clients for comments on their experience with American Pool.