5 Ways to Save More Energy for Your Swimming Pool

Nobody wants a green pool — unless you’re referring to energy efficiency. If that’s the case, then you’re reading the right blog! Reducing energy usage has become a big focus for the industry, but that doesn’t mean you need an extra arm and leg to make it affordable. Here are some simple ways for your [...]

9 Steps to Winterize Your Pool

When it’s finally time to close your pool for the season, it’s important to make sure that the proper steps are taken. Properly winterizing your pool protects it from any potential damage that harsh weather conditions could bring. Take these steps to ensure that your pool survives the winter! 1. Clean the Pool The first [...]

Preparing for Peak Pool Season

Get ready for peak pool season! Before you know it, swimmers will be eager to regularly enjoy your pool. To ensure the best and safest experience for guests, make sure that you properly prepare your facility’s pool for peak season. Assemble your Team One of the most important steps in preparing for peak pool season [...]

Prepping and Caring for Your Pool Cover

While many of us are still focused on the hot summer heat, BBQ’s with family and friends, and pool time, winter is creeping up on us fast. Let American Pool help you get a head start on prepping your pool and pool cover for the off-season before everyone else does. The earlier you prepare, the [...]

Pool Covers: The Safe & Smart Choice

What are Pool Covers? Swimming pool covers protect pools against debris, evaporation, and injures.  Covers are very effective at keeping leaves and wildlife out for easy clean up, and more than capable of supporting huge amounts of weight like heavy snowfall or wandering children for added protection. Pool covers are a safe and smart choice [...]

Protect Your Pool From Falling Leaves

Beautiful oranges, vibrant reds, and brilliant yellows... it's the reason why autumn is the best season of the year. Not quite cold enough for heavy jackets, but far enough removed from the sweltering heat of summer -- fall draws many families out of their homes for some last minute outdoor fun before winter locks us [...]

Considerations when servicing your automatic pool cover

When you manage a pool at your facility and winter rolls around, you'll need to quickly and efficiently prepare the often expensive investment for months of cold and other adverse conditions.

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