Offering Community Swimming Lessons

Water safety education is important for every community pool to implement. While flyers and informational emails on water safety are great, swimming lessons dramatically decrease the risk of potential pool fatalities. Consider offering swimming lessons at your pool to implement confidence in patrons and instill lifelong skills. The bottom line is that swimming lessons save [...]

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Swim For Success | Our Water Safety Program

You may have noticed us sharing the news about many of our American Pool community activities in recent months. As our organization continues to grow, we recognize that our industry leadership in aquatics can also translate to opportunities to benefit society. Our operating teams are passionate about finding ways to support local causes that can [...]

Modern Pool Trends

There are times when you just have to go all in. Deciding whether or not to revamp your home is definitely one of those moments. Don’t let the hesitation of starting a new project stop you from starting at all. With a multitude of new innovations and resources flooding the swimming pool industry, taking the [...]

6 Lavish Pools from Around the World

There is nothing better than relaxing in your backyard or neighborhood pool on a hot summer day. We love taking a dip in the cool blue water no matter where it is, but there are some pools we’ve come across that are out of this world. There are dozens of popular and lavish pools built [...]

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Extend Your Outdoor Pool Season into Fall

Extend Your Outdoor Pool Season into Fall Labor Day weekend usually ushers in the end of outdoor pool season. However, in many parts of the country, you can keep your outdoor pool open into the early weeks of autumn, which doesn’t officially start until September 23. Temperatures can remain warm through October, prompting [...]

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Decorated, pioneering swimming coach Peter Daland dies at 93

The winner of numerous awards for his years of service, including the 1962 American Swimming Coaches Association Coach of the Year and a lifetime achievement award from the Amateur Athletic Union, Daland passed away October 20th at the age of 93.

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