Why You Should Winterize Your Pool (Even in 2020)

To paraphrase a certain popular television show, “Winterization is coming.” We can’t believe it’s time already, either. Due to the shortened pool season, it may feel like it’s sooner than ever to start thinking about winterizing your pool. But if you live in an area where the winters get below zero, now is the perfect [...]

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9 Steps to Winterize Your Pool

When it’s finally time to close your pool for the season, it’s important to make sure that the proper steps are taken. Properly winterizing your pool protects it from any potential damage that harsh weather conditions could bring. Take these steps to ensure that your pool survives the winter! 1. Clean the Pool The first [...]

Pool Covers: The Safe & Smart Choice

What are Pool Covers? Swimming pool covers protect pools against debris, evaporation, and injures.  Covers are very effective at keeping leaves and wildlife out for easy clean up, and more than capable of supporting huge amounts of weight like heavy snowfall or wandering children for added protection. Pool covers are a safe and smart choice [...]

How to Winterize Your Water Features

Did you wake up to a sputtering, semi-frozen fountain this morning? Too concerned with winterizing your pool that your other water features have taken a back seat? As temperatures drop it's essential to take special care of your water features, even the frost resistant, to preserve your outdoor landscape. Improve the longevity of your ponds, [...]

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