Active Adult Community Pool Services

We manage pools for active adult communities.

Active Adult CommunitiesProviding active adult community pool services requires attention to detail. Active adult clients seek a maintenance-free lifestyle in where a swimming pool can be private oasis or activity space. American Pool strives to create this environment for your patrons.

We renovate and construct state-of-the-art aquatic facilities and hire lifeguards that are responsible and friendly. Through our lifeguard placement process, we are able to properly match support staff and maintain a pool that meets client expectations.

Community pool management benefits

Professional management of your community pool comes with a variety of benefits. These benefits focus on the safety of your residents and visitors, like grand children and other family members.

Cleanliness: To ensure that the pool is the comfortable setting for rest and relaxation, the water needs to be maintained consistently and properly. A professional pool service will help create the cleanest and safest chemical balance, while also managing the exterior features of the pool.

Social events: When it comes time to play bingo, host a movie night or invite the little ones for Grandkids Day, the pool needs to be in great condition. We work with properties to focus activities around the pool area – keeping all event participants safe and happy. Managers should not wait until it’s too late to get these environments in exceptional working order and should keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

Active adult community pool services

Your patrons want to feel youthful and engaged in low-impact, high-reward activities. One way that American Pool can dramatically improve your swimming environment is by installing a salt system.

These systems will make the water far softer on the skin, and come with myriad health benefits. For some pools, they’re just as easy to maintain – if not more so – than other chlorine options.

Additionally, keeping up with a regular maintenance and servicing schedule will often minimize the risk of long-term and costly damages to the pool’s structure. Failing to meet the needs of the water and the equipment over long periods of time can lead to a variety of costly issues.

With our adult community pool services, we help managers please even their toughest customers. When the pool is working, looks great and is safe then your water-based classes, visits from the grandchildren and other activities will be more enjoyable.

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