Apartment Pool Services

Focus on your residents, we’ll handle the pool.

ApartmentsFor decades, American Pool has been working with apartment complex owners, property managers, leasing agents and individual apartment owners as well as major national REITS to meet their various aquatic needs.

American Pool provides swimming pool construction, renovation, maintenance and management services on a national level that can add value to any property. We believe that communication is critical in maintaining the standards of a property and its tenants. Our ultimate goal is to uphold the standards of your property while creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all.

Core objectives of our services

We work with apartment complex managers and other supervisors to place quality guards that lead to happy residents. We also streamline communication to ensure timely resolution of any and all issues.

  • Preventative maintenance: Consistent attention to the pool will lead to lower management costs down the road. It will also minimize risk and encourage well-planned repairs, upgrades and renovations.

  • Safety: We manage exposure and liability in a variety of ways, from the implementation of safety structures such as handrails to training and certification of lifeguards. We also hold the highest liability coverage in the industry at 22 million.

  • Year-round attention: Pools demand different types of maintenance routines and processes at various times of the year. American Pool takes a holistic and consistent approach to pool maintenance depending on the time of year. This year round attention has provided great benefits to many of our customers – allowing them to avoid damages and costly surface staining.

  • Gate control: We ensure that you can properly manage the entrance of your facility to restrict pool access to residents only.

  • Curb appeal: At the end of the day, the driving force behind pool construction and maintenance is improving the curb appeal of an apartment complex. We take all of the steps to keep your property looking appealing and enjoyable.

  • Quality consultation: American Pool has a strong grasp on the dos and don’ts of apartment pool management. We work with managers, supervisors and owners to ensure that all practices are aligned with profit-driving recommendations.

From simple matters such as where to store bulk items and the measurement of chemicals to more challenging subjects including lower-cost construction alternatives for repairs instead of replacement, American Pool can cover all of your apartment complex needs.

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