Country and Golf Clubs

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Country and Golf Clubs

American Pool has experience in constructing, renovating and managing the aquatic facilities of various country and golf clubs. Thanks to that experience, we understand that each club has their specific standards that need to be met.

Additionally, we understand that the most common objective of country club pool management is to minimize complaints among patrons. Self-managing the entirety of the pool can be difficult and leave too much room for error, which is why we offer comprehensive support to managers of these environments. After all, there is a high-end culture to uphold in country clubs and golf courses.

Taking it to the next level

American Pool has its own high level of standards in regards to pool safety and staffing. We deliver a trained seasonal staff that is consistent and provides customer service on the level that American Pool and your members expect. American Pool also focuses on operational improvements and efficiency, offering services that will save clients money on water, electricity and heating.

We do everything necessary to help reduce operational costs and bolster the appeal of the establishment so you can be better positioned to gain more members through top-shelf country club pool services.

Communication is key

As these environments are generally fast-paced and highly demanding, using a professional service such as American Pool is critical to sustain preferable and exceptional client experiences.

Communication is a critical to what we do, which is why our team is measured by on their ability to effectively collaborate with clients. In fact, we even hire a third-party survey company to get your feedback at the beginning of the season and one more time during the season.

Our goal is to communicate with club management, board members and owners to highlight what is expected of us and our staff, as well as maintain a clean, organized and well-run environment for pool patrons to enjoy. That way, together, we can provide a first-class experience for every guest.

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