Military Bases

Training and operation standards that measure up.

Military BasesAmerican Pool knows that running an aquatic feature for a military base or federal agency requires strict attention to detail and a healthy amount of upkeep. Our experience with military clients throughout the years has allowed us to receive cultural training. This means that our staff will fit seamlessly into your military community.

We provide construction, renovation and provide maintenance services for both pools and fountains. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Specialty Pool and Fountain, we build fountains, spraygrounds and aquatic facilities. We have also constructed features and provided services to pools on military-sponsored housing properties.

The staff experience

We offer Red Cross lifeguard, CPS and first aid training to all employees. Additionally, we keep our disciplined staff up-to-date with orientations and poolside training. This thorough approach to training ensures that our lifeguards are ready to execute lifesaving skills in the event of an emergency. We work with our clients to make sure that our lifeguards meet the standards of the community – this means placing a heavy focus on proper guard-and-swimmer interaction and execution of responsibilities.

Our maintenance team runs routine checks to ensure the safety and efficiency of our equipment. We know that military base pool service is just one responsibility that your facility managers have on their plates, and we believe that those in charge should not have to worry about issues involving your pools. Having a company that offers all pool services under one roof ensures that you will not have to outsource for parts, labor or chemicals.

Safety and structure

We know how important the safety is on a military base. Soldiers and their families see the pool as a place to relax and spend time with each other, and we want them to enjoy the experience.

Our company works with each individual, on-site health department to ensure that we are working up to their standards.

We understand the importance of protocol and structure, so we properly submit reports and documentation in a timely manner to keep everything in order.

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