This year, It seems that winter has left us before it even really started. With higher than average temperatures most of the season, there was little snow and ice in the past few months. As March begins, we are looking forward into the spring to prepare ourselves for the next pool season.

Every winter we close down our beloved pools and wait anxiously until the warm weather arrives.  Sadly, most winters our pools and properties get bombarded with inches of heavy snow, forcing us to spend on costly snow removal and repairs.  This year it seems that pool owners got a break!

We think it’s time to jump on this opportunity to upgrade your pool and deck area.  Take the money that was meant to be spent on snow removal and put it towards renovations, repairs, or furniture.  Here are a few of our excellent services to inspire you!


Swimming pool slides can be a fun addition to any inground pool. With streams or jets of spray, a slide can offer a quick and exciting trip into the pool. Learn more about slides.





Also known as cementitious surface coatings, plaster is one of the most popular pool shell options. In the early 1980s, colored aggregate, exposed aggregate and polished finishes were applied in pools as part of the many plaster options available.  Learn more about plaster.



Spray Pads

Spray or splash pads are fun additions to a more traditional pool. Usually more common in commercial or community facilities, these allow guests to interact with water features on safe surfaces. Learn more about spray pads.





Manufactured from ceramic, stone, metal or glass, tile is a popular finish for pools and decks. Because of the differences in sizes, colors and shapes, pool tiles can be used to create a dramatic design on the pool floor, deck or wading area. Learn more about tiling.




Generally speaking, coping refers to the cap or lip of a wall. On a pool, coping is applied to the top portion of the pool wall, called the bond beam. In short, it appears as the edge of the pool or spa wall. Learn more about coping.



Contact American Pool today to discuss your new project. Next winter could be a different story, coated with lots of snow and ice. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to use extra cash on upgrades and renovations for your favorite part of the summer season. As always, we’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.