American Pool Aquatic Solutions

Commercial pool service across the United States.

Responding to client demand across the country, American Pool Aquatic Solutions has developed a professional team with decades of experience in the aquatics industry.

Our innovative model allows us to serve clients that don’t enjoy proximity to our existing offices throughout the country. American Pool Aquatic Solutions’ customers include military housing, Municipal Parks and Recreation, Swim Centers as well as Resorts and Water Parks. These types of facilities are often located in remote areas without access to high-quality pool management and maintenance services. Our ability to build service teams quickly for destination properties provides a compelling alternative to in-house management or settling for subpar local offerings.

Providing lifeguard, pool renovation and maintenance services.

American Pool Aquatic Solutions offers a full spectrum of commercial services to aquatic venues across the country. Aquatic Solutions has developed a program built to fulfill the demand of high volume aquatic facilities located in areas that lack the local support of a full-service pool company. In these areas, self-service and existing local options are often unable to provide effective swimming pool solutions for these unique facilities – American Pool Aquatic Solutions solves this problem.

American Pool Aquatic Solutions

4040 Nine McFarland Dr.
Suite 1100
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 770-638-1665
Fax: 866-795-4021

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Our Aquatic Solutions Leadership

Based in Georgia, Aquatic Solutions is under the leadership of President Jim Darke. In addition to helming Aquatic Solutions, Jim, with over 25 years in the industry, also serves as Executive Vice President of American Pool Enterprises, Inc.

Jim Darke