3 Secrets to Ace Your Pool Opening Checklist this Summer

Pool management is a 365-days-a-year operation, even if yours may only be open for a quarter of that time.

How Freeze Damage Affects Your Pool (& What You Can Do About It)

Winter is the most taxing season on aquatics equipment. What starts as a single issue can quickly snowball (pun intended) into a disastrous plethora of damages. Of course I’m talking about freeze damage to your pool. There’s already an excess of articles on the Web (including this one of ours) that can help you [...]

How a Lifeguard Instructor can make (or break) your pool season

Lifesaving is life-changing. I’ve been a lifeguard for 12-plus years, and I’m amazed by the number of times it’s made a difference in my life and others’. But I’m not just a lifeguard — I’m also a lifeguard instructor, meaning I’m responsible for training lifeguards. I’m also a lifeguard instructor trainer, so I’m also [...]

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Free chlorine vs. combined chlorine: Why you might not know how clean (or dirty) your pool is

Ah, good old chlorine. When it comes to swimming pool sanitation, it’s the go-to, tried-and-true method. How hard can it be to chlorinate your pool water, after all? But you don’t need to be a chemist to know this is a potentially dangerous way to think about sanitizing your pool. When testing the water [...]

The biggest mistakes you’re making with your pool management service right now

As a swimming pool facility owner, your worst nightmare won’t be a hovering lightning storm, or the lounge chair arrangement, or whether there’s enough hot dog buns for the cookout. Much like in life, a failing pool season is due to the aspects a facility manager could have controlled, but didn’t recognize (or refused) [...]

American Pool Residential Aquatics acquires All Pool Service & Supply in Orlando, FL metro

American Pool Residential Aquatics has acquired All Pool Service & Supply, located in the Orlando, FL metro. This acquisition adds to the expanding national portfolio of American Pool and its parent organization The Amenity Collective, headquartered in New York City.  Vic Valentine, CEO/President of American Pool Residential Aquatics states - “Stone Linton, President of All [...]

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The Amenity Collective, through subsidiary American Pool, Acquires Blue Water Pools & Spas in Greater Jacksonville, FL Metro

The Amenity Collective, through its subsidiary American Pool, has acquired Blue Water Pools & Spas, the premier residential full service pool maintenance company in the greater Jacksonville, FL metropolitan area.    Vic Valentine, President of American Pool Residential Aquatics noted - “Jeff Mease, Founder and President of Blue Water Pools & Spas, has done a [...]

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Explaining the 2021 National Lifeguard Shortage

It’s what one doesn’t see that makes all the difference. This year, it could be an empty lifeguard chair. To paraphrase Don Henley, summer’s in the air but something’s out of reach. Take a closer look at the waters and you’ll start to see the ripples take effect: A lifeguard shortage, exacerbated by the restrictions [...]

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