Beware These 5 Violations During Your Swimming Pool's Health Inspection

To borrow a phrase from T.S. Eliot, “April is the cruelest month.” And no one knows that more than multifamily swimming pool owners and operators all across the country.

Why’s that, you ask? Because the entire summer season’s success rides on how you prepare for it, which is why we’re literally working around the clock during this time of year. Spring preparations are squeezed between two very unforgiving “bookends”: warm weather’s return and the Memorial Day weekend.

You might be thinking, “Memorial Day Weekend is over a month away … how hard could it be to whip a pool into shape?” But chances are you’ll encounter some unexpected challenges along the way. Maintaining a commercial pool is a bit like spinning plates: tough to get going and work to maintain!

The harsh reality

It’s true: According to a 2016 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 80 percent of public pools experience at least one health code violation.

Not enough to make your skin crawl? Then try on this: One in eight health authority pool inspections result in immediate closure because of “serious health and safety violations.”

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re in a room full of pool operators. If you can’t figure out whose pool has the most health violations, it might be you.

The top 5 health inspection violations for public pools

We compiled data from the CDC, as well as some of the top reasons our new clients give us when we ask them why they’re making the switch to American Pool. In order, here’s what appear to be the health code violations that public pools commit most:

  1. Improper pH
  2. Insufficient, broken, or missing safety equipment
  3. Chlorine too low to protect swimmers
  4. Water so cloudy that an inspector can’t see the bottom of the pool
  5. Missing or insufficient lifeguards (when required by local/state law)

Numbers two and five are in a whole different category. Our lifeguard recruiting program, Guard for Life, has earned the reputation of the largest and most sophisticated lifeguard recruiting and training program in the United States. By partnering your facility with American Pool, we make it easy to staff and equip your pool to ensure the safest possible environment.

For everything else, an experienced and reputable pool management company (such as ourselves) can take care of your pain points with expert precision. But transforming your pool from “indefinitely closed” to “I can’t believe it’s not brand new” takes a lot of planning, coordination, and work power. This is especially true at a time when labor shortages stretch as far as the eye can see … even underwater.

Luckily, we have a solution for that.

The answer to (most of) your aquatic problems

It’s not the first time we mentioned this, and it won’t be the last: The power of “smart pools” and swimming pool automation is here. Our Aquatics Vision program is surprisingly affordable. And that’s before you take into account the enhanced water quality, chemical savings, and labor efficiency that chemical automation brings to the table.

Aquatics Vision is the most sophisticated smart pool program in North America. It monitors your pool 24/7 and automatically dispenses chlorine when your pool’s chemistry levels are drifting out of compliance. So you can resolve most of a pool’s top health code violations — an out-of-balance pH, and cloudy or otherwise unclean pool water — at your fingertips!

Can you imagine a pool that fixes itself before there’s a problem? We can — that’s the ultimate goal of Aquatics Vision. It’s not just a piece of technology — it’s an entire program. Aquatics Vision connects to a data cloud, which ensures your pool is backed by American Pool’s 24/7 monitoring and data surveillance system. So if your pool ever inches out of compliance, we’re alerted immediately so we can respond when it matters most.

If you’re looking for a solution to keep your pool clean all summer long without increasing labor costs, Aquatics Vision is it. Find out how you can spend your summer worry-free at