The public went bonkers when the first iPhone came out in 2007 — that was 14 years ago. And here’s exactly what we went bonkers over:

  • 3G Internet capability
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Mobile Safari Web browser
  • GPS maps powered by Google Maps
  • HTML email
  • Native YouTube viewing

As you can see, we’ve come a long way in the span of half a generation. In fact, the last two generations have seen more technological innovation than every other generation of humanity combined.

May is National Water Safety Month, which brings to mind swimming safely — but rarely do people associate proper water chemistry with safe swimming, even though they should. We’re just now starting to see some amazing technological advancements in the commercial aquatics industry to balance chemistry, yet there’s still so much that many of us have yet to discover for ourselves.

For example, if we were to tell you about a device that could monitor all your pool’s chemical readings with 99% accuracy, would you believe us? What if we said that it could also dispense all your pool’s chemicals for you, down to a fraction of the standard parts-per-million? Or that it could monitor and report your entire data log within one online dashboard? Or that it could even extend the lifespan of your existing aquatics equipment?

Whether you believe us or not, that capability already exists in the marketplace. It’s called Aquatics Vision, and we’re incredibly excited to share more about it here.

First, a word about hindsight

It’s easy to look at the first-gen iPhone today and scoff at its primitivity, but that’s only because hindsight is such a strong propelling force of humankind. It’s kind of like that awkward hairstyle choice many of us had at one point or another in our lives (Flock of Seagulls anyone?) Now, when we’re all a bit older and wiser, we wonder, “What on Earth was I thinking?” rather than challenge our own assumptions at the time.

Technology is often the go-to poster child for hindsight. Few of us initially thought anyone would ever buy a smart refrigerator, or even a speaker that could listen to your music requests, control your lighting and check the weather. Now these appliances reside in millions of American homes and you would be hard-pressed to bat an eye.

The same goes for outside the home, too. Whether in the office, your car, or the great outdoors; enhanced technologies and artificial intelligence are powering our life experiences at an accelerated rate. Self-driving semi-trucks, fitness equipment, water usage monitors — even smart lawn mowers — are on the horizon, if not already here.

The possibilities and actualities are so endless — watches, pet feeders, electrical outlets — that listing them all here would be redundant. And yet, many are still so hesitant to adopt what will become the inevitable. The commercial aquatics industry is no exception — but that’s changing. And rapidly.

Introducing the next big thing in commercial aquatics

There are plenty of smart pool devices already available in the residential market. But did you know there’s one solution for the commercial market that goes above and beyond what’s already available?

Aquatics Vision is a pool that takes care of itself. Most of the functions that you would expect from regular, manual pool maintenance, can be done just as quickly and efficiently with Aquatics Vision.

  • Fully autonomous, continuously balanced and disinfected pool water
  • Real-time control and monitoring pool systems including disinfectant & pH levels, pump pressure, water temperature, and more
  • Catch leaks and equipment malfunctions instantly with push notifications to your smartphone or mobile device
  • Complete and accurate historical chemistry data
  • Compatible with your existing aquatics equipment
  • Extends the lifespan of pumps and other expensive pool equipment

So what about the detractors? Those who prefer the personal touch to the robotic arm? That’s actually where Aquatics Vision comes in handy. Because Aquatics Vision is the only smart pool program backed with 24/7 monitoring and emergency maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you’re not physically there checking on your pool — Aquatics Vision already is. And so are the diligent experts who handle all our surveillance.

So this summer, whether you’re on the putting green, taking the boat out for a spin, or squeezing in some time with the family — you don’t have to know whether your pool is safe. Because Aquatics Vision already knows.

The proverbial waters are already beginning to warm. Even now, we’re starting to see how Aquatics Vision will become the standard in a few years’ time. The Florida Department of Health just passed a variance allowing public pools to reduce their daily manual chemistry testing to three days per week if they’re backed by Aquatics Vision. We expect more states to follow soon, particularly in the Southeast and Southwest.

And when that happens, Aquatics Vision won’t just be a hot commodity.

Pretty soon, your pool’s guests will start asking whether they’re swimming in an Aquatics Vision pool.

Innovation + time = expectation. It’s inevitable that commercial smart pools, like those powered by Aquatics Vision, will become the standard and not the exception to the rule.