Pool Management

Swimming Pool Management is our most complete service offering. Whether your swimming pool is indoors or opens seasonally, you can count on our professional management team to handle every aspect of caring for your pool.

Your residents and guests expect to see rescue ready lifeguards and a sparkling clean pool. What they don’t see is all of the hard work that goes into the delivery of a safe, clean pool. Let our experts handle everything from lifeguard recruitment to pool chemistry and mechanical operations. In over 35 years of Swimming Pool Management experience, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or can’t handle when it comes to pool operations.

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Our pool management services include:

  • Whether you’re a new client or we’ve been managing your pool for years, our Regional Managers will meet with your community manager or board liaison before our work begins. The pool opening process is mapped out in advance and key dates and responsibilities are clearly defined.
  • Winter weather can really punish your pool, which is why our skilled technicians will inspect every aspect of the facility to identify any damage, code issues, and take an inventory of equipment.
  • Our clients can expect solutions to any issues that are found in the form of a comprehensive written proposal and advisement of owner-related matters. With an in-house service department, we are well positioned to handle any repairs your swimming pool may need to open safely.
  • In opening the pool, our technicians reassemble existing pool equipment and store existing swimming pool covers on your property. We salvage the existing water in the pool if possible, but depending on the quality of the water and the necessity of repairs, the pool may need to be drained and cleaned.
  • Our PHTA Certified Pool Operators prepare the pool chemistry and filter system for inspection by the local Health Authority, if applicable.
  • One of the most important aspects of swimming pool management is attracting and retaining lifeguard staff. Our Guard for Life program is designed to effectively promote the thousands of summer positions we have available. We make it easy for potential lifeguards to learn the steps to certification and what to expect on their first day of work.
  • American Pool has earned the esteemed American Red Cross Multi-Jurisdictional Provider Agreement with the American Red Cross. American Pool is the 6th largest provider of Lifeguard Training in the nation, and we have the Red Cross Awards to prove it. We are well known in the areas we serve as the destination for certification!
  • Our lifeguards are trained in Lifeguarding, CPR/AED, First Aid, and earn their Pool Operator’s license where required by the local health authority.
  • Relax, we’ll take care of all the staffing details! We’ll match your pool to lifeguards who live nearby, schedule them in shifts to cover all of the hours your facility is open, and take care of training and their payroll on your behalf.
  • Area Supervisors visit each facility and regularly perform systematic checks on equipment, chemistry, and lifeguard performance. They provide the lifeguard team with training and support them throughout the pool season.
  • Regional Managers will be the main point of contact for our clients throughout the year. They have the training and experience to handle more complicated facility and staff challenges that may arise. Plus, they have the experience and certifications to support our Area Supervisors with equipment troubleshooting and light repairs.
  • Behind the scenes, a dedicated Recruiting and Scheduling team coordinates the hiring and scheduling of lifeguards. Each day they track the arrival of hundreds of lifeguards to their assigned shifts. This is no small task, but the right people and systems keep everything on track to open our clients’ pools each day.
  • American Pool’s Lifeguard Safety Coaching program was developed by our Corporate Safety Director to support our lifeguards with additional training and guidance, promoting a safer pool experience for our clients’ patrons. Throughout the pool season, our Safety Coaches perform unannounced on-site evaluations to review lifeguards’ skills and provide additional training as needed.
  • We understand the importance of positive employee and public relations, so these visits are designed to be constructive coaching moments. This is a unique pool management service that is an important part of what we do for our management clients.
  • In addition to lifeguard certification and equipment checks, here are a few of the skills our Safety Coaches reinforce during their visits:
    • Injury Prevention
    • Lifeguard Patron Surveillance
    • Breathing & Cardiac Emergency
    • First Aid Skills
  • Our Lifeguards and Area Supervisors work together to keep your pool clean, efficient, and healthy with routine pool maintenance. In addition to our in-house Supervisor Training Program, our Area Supervisors complete certifications as PHTA Field Service Professionals and Certified Pool Inspectors, preparing them to handle day-to-day care of the pool and train our Lifeguards on their role in caring for the pool.
  • Our general services to keep your pool looking sharp include, but are not limited to:
    • Brushing and vacuuming the pool
    • Emptying skimmer baskets
    • Cleaning waterline tiles
    • Backwashing filtration system
    • Removing trash to clients’ onsite dumpster
    • Maintaining water levels
    • Visual inspection of the filtration equipment
    • Monitoring, testing, and adjusting water chemistry to health department standards
  • Seasonal pools require special attention to protect them from winter elements. Even pools in warmer clients need a proper shutdown and/or winter maintenance program. Doing it right means fewer headaches and expense the following spring.
  • Our winterization process includes inspection and installation of the existing swimming pool cover as well as onsite storage of facility furniture. Our professional field team executes a systematic closure of the swimming pool, draining pool circulation lines and applying antifreeze as required. We will also drain the pool to the proper level for closing and provide a written report of completion.
  • Winter Care Programs – Our company offers options for sustained chemical treatment and inspections throughout the winter months. Winter care is another way we help our clients prevent catastrophic damage to their pool and extend the life of current finishes and structures.
  • Comprehensive Assessments – At the end of the pool season, our renovation and repair professionals provide clients with solutions to any mechanical or structural issues that exist or look to be developing. Pool leaks and major repairs are best dealt with in the fall months. When our clients need to forecast future repairs for budgeting, our knowledgeable team is a great partner. We can assist in developing reserve plans that help clients protect and manage their facility cost efficiently.
  • A focus on continuous improvement is a big part of our culture and it’s one of the reasons we’ve grown to be the largest commercial swimming pool management firm in North America.
  • Our ability to share best practices among our offices and learning among hundreds of peers is one of the drivers of our success. Whether it’s a more efficient process or a better piece of equipment or training program, our clients benefit through better service.
  • Twice each season we survey our clients using the Net Promoter System. The honest feedback we receive from our clients about their experience provides invaluable insight that helps us to understand where we need to improve. Client feedback is the single most important driver of service improvement for our organization; we want to know what’s working and what’s not. You have entrusted us as your loyal partner and we do not take this responsibility lightly.
  • American Pool has a passion for prevention. Chemical hazards, code violations, and structural problems all have the potential to expose residents and workers to serious risks. Our Corporate Safety Director works to ensure our methods are the safest possible, a strategy that pays dividends for us and our clients. We evaluate all incidents, provide new insights, and innovate new practices for over 2000 community pools that we currently manage.
  • Unfortunately, risk reduction is not the same as risk elimination. We have been in operation since 1984 and there isn’t much we haven’t helped our clients through. Drowning liability lawsuits are regularly in excess of $10,000,000. Our experts are on your side with the scale to provide $37,000,000 in liability coverage to the communities under our care