Communities We Serve

Focus on your residents and membership, we’ll handle the pool.

American Pool understands that the pool is a special part of your community. The management of multi-family pools is our specialty. We work in partnership with Homeowners Associations, Condominium Associations, Property Managers, Board Members, and Apartment Owners to meet the needs of your facility. Our company provides a full-spectrum of services to communities of all sizes. Our staffing solutions include American Red Cross certified lifeguards, pool managers, and friendly desk staff to save you the time and the hassle of recruiting, training, and onboarding. We offer customizable maintenance programs and can work around your hours of operation, filling in the gaps that your onsite staff may not be able to address. When it’s time to make renovations we’ll work with you to provide solutions that work within your budget and help you plan for the future.

Core objectives of our services

We manage risk in a variety of ways, from the implementation of aquatic supervision plans to renovations with full consideration of code compliance. Decades of operating experience help us understand the greatest risks in the swimming pool environment so that we can design our practices to meet the challenge.
Pools demand different types of maintenance routines and processes throughout the calendar year. Best practices can vary by geography and by pool design. Our local operating teams know how to best maintain your pool for all seasons. Year-round attention provides great benefits to our customers, allowing them to avoid off-season damage and allow for a smooth start-up.
Our clients appreciate pre and post-season inspections that identify areas that need to be addressed before they fail. Commercial pools have systems that operate 24/7, therefore any breakdowns result in loss of pool time and inconvenience to your residents or guests. Repairs made on a controlled interval are less expensive than emergency services, which is why you should partner with a company that understands the importance of preventive maintenance.
Our experts can provide community stakeholders with the expected life of equipment and structures along with estimates on replacement or renovation. Our expert team helps clients avoid costly surprises and effectively plan for the future.
Swimming pools are positioned prominently in most communities, so a well-maintained facility is essential for curb appeal. We can maximize the value of the pool amenity by keeping it clean and blue all season. When it comes time for renovation, we can provide options for premium finishes that delight your guests and impress future residents.

Homeowner & Condominium Associations

We provide management solutions for HOA & COA communities.

According to the Community Association Institute, more than 20% of the U.S. population resides in an established common interest community. Living in a CID is attractive to many people because these communities can provide a lower maintenance lifestyle and a number of shared amenities that would be otherwise out of reach for a single-family property.

American Pool has deep experience working successfully with Community Managers and Volunteer Boards. We take the time to educate our clients and help them to make informed decisions on everything from pool rules to annual budgets. Our year-round professional team is available for meetings after regular business hours because we understand that board members are often employed and have other daytime responsibilities.

Managing Operating Costs

Cost containment is important for condos and homeowners associations, and we work to minimize costs while strengthening the overall look and functionality of your pool. We offer reputable and knowledgeable consultations to empower you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

From trained lifeguards to providing needed repairs, property managers and board members can depend on us for both short- and long-term planning.

Developer Transitions

If your community is preparing for a developer transition, American Pool can provide a comprehensive report on the pool condition identifying any design or compliance issues to support your board and shareholders through the process.

Active Adult Communities

We manage pools for active adult communities.

Active adults of all ages appreciate both the health benefits and leisure aspects of a community pool. American Pool provides a private oasis with a maintenance-free lifestyle for adult communities.

American Pool can provide as much or as little service as your active adult community requires to maintain compliance with the requirements of the local health authority. From custom maintenance programs to lifeguard service, we are here to meet your community’s needs. Active adult community pools see a high level of use since residents may be empty nesters or even fully retired. This means that the indoor and outdoor pools are a prominent part of age-restricted community living.

Our professional management team has been working with community managers and onsite maintenance teams for many years. Volunteer boards appreciate our ability to advise on preventative maintenance, supporting their budget process and responsibility to manage costs.

With regular maintenance and servicing schedules, we will minimize the risk of long-term and costly damages to the pool’s structure. With a properly working and well-maintained pool, your aquatic activities, water-based classes, visits from friends and family, and all other activities will be there for your enjoyment.

Community pool management benefits

  • Cleanliness: We ensure that the pool is properly and consistently maintained to provide a comfortable setting for rest and relaxation. Our professional pool service will help create the cleanest and safest chemical balance, while also managing the exterior features of the pool.
  • Social events: We work together with recreation managers and lifestyle teams to support activities in and around the pool area while maintaining a safety focus.


We value our long-standing relationships and love building new ones.

For decades, American Pool has been working with apartment owners, property managers, maintenance directors, and national REITS to meet their swimming pool service needs. American Pool provides pool management, maintenance services, and pool renovations on a national level. Our company is in a unique position to accommodate apartment ownership groups, holding multiple properties across several states that wish to streamline their pool program through the use of a single service provider.

Communication is key

We work with your onsite apartment management teams to keep your pool looking good for your residents and future tenants that may be touring the community. We believe that communication is a critical component in maintaining property standards, which is why we’ve streamlined our digital communication to offer timely reports on pool operations. American Pool will uphold the standards of your property while creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for all.

We’re your swimming pool experts

Onsite apartment maintenance teams have their hands full with work orders, contractors, and apartment turns. They may not have the time to leave the property for emergency supplies or even keep up with pool operator certifications and regulations. Let American Pool be your pool expert. Our professional PHTA certified technicians execute effective repairs and keep your pool stocked with materials throughout the season.

Country Clubs

The right fit for your membership.

American Pool has deep experience in managing swimming pools in the club environment. We understand that each club has a unique culture that needs to be upheld to meet the expectations of both management and membership.

Taking service to the next level

We deliver trained seasonal staff and consistent customer service that your members can expect and you can count on.
When it comes to renovations, we can present options to assure your pool’s visual impact is top shelf. The pool environment should provide an attractive backdrop to the clubhouse and provide your members with an environment off the golf course to make memories with their families and guests.

Intelligent Operations

American Pool focuses on operational improvements and efficiency by offering services that will save the clubs we manage money on water, electricity, and heating costs.

We do everything we can to help reduce operational costs while enhancing the appeal of your establishment.

Communication is key

Communication is critical to what we do, which is why our team is measured by their ability to effectively collaborate with clients. Our goal is to communicate with the club management, board members, and owners to highlight what is expected of us and our staff, as well as maintaining a clean, organized, and well-run environment for pool patrons to enjoy. Together, we can provide a first-class experience for every member and their guests.

Fitness Clubs

American Pool has provided reliable service to fitness clubs since 1984. We know that maintaining a fitness club’s pool or spa requires constant upkeep and attention to detail. Club members expect a pool that’s ready when they are, which is why we offer custom services that cover everything from maintenance support to lifeguard service. When it comes to commercial pool renovations our experts work with you to deliver a project that meets ownership and membership expectations. We work together with fitness club management to ensure each workout in the pool is a first-class experience for your members.

Cleanliness and efficiency

Our professional technicians work with your onsite team to schedule pool maintenance, limiting downtime and ensuring a safe and clean facility for members to enjoy. Our expertise in the maintenance of swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, will help you manage your budget closely and plan for the upgrades or renovations you need to stay competitive.

Maintaining a professional staff

Our fitness club pool services are executed by an experienced team of certified pool operators and technicians. All of our operators and technicians are certified by the PHTA, the leading certification entity for pool professionals. With American Pool, you can be sure your pool program is in good hands.


Your guests deserve a pool that’s inviting and well managed.

American Pool is trusted to provide service to world-class brands in the hospitality industry. With the satisfaction of your guests in mind, we work with your management team to optimize the guest experience poolside. Many of our clients depend on us for expert remodeling services for their swimming pools, spas, fountains, and water features.

A safe and fun environment

Our staff is well trained to ensure the safety and cleanliness of pool facilities. We understand the importance of having a safe, clean pool for your guests to enjoy. We provide poolside training specific to your state’s health department requirements, to boost the effectiveness of our team. Our maintenance team runs routine checks to ensure the safety of the equipment, so your patrons can relax and enjoy the pool.

Care and convenience

Our skilled technicians are able to expedite the time of repair and maintenance jobs. Our clients benefit from our full-service menu which eliminates the need for hospitality companies to outsource jobs for repairs or renovations.

Some of our loyal hospitality clients

Comfort Inn and Suites

Crowne Plaza

Days Inn


Executive Suites

Four Points by Sheraton

Hampton Inn and Suites

Hilton Garden Inn

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Express

Hyatt Place


Radisson Hotel

Ramada Inn

Residence Inn


Wyndham Gardens

Military Housing

Training and operating standards that measure up.

American Pool has the privilege of providing swimming pool management, maintenance, and renovation services to military housing communities across the country. Often these communities exist away from major metropolitan areas where there are no local pool contractors. Our company is equipped to deliver turn-key pool management services to multi-guard facilities regardless of their location.

The staff experience

Our company has the resources to develop, manage, and support a local team for our military housing communities. We have in-house PHTA instructors to train on pool operations and Lifeguard Instructors that can run the classes necessary to keep the pool trained and staffed.
We value our lifeguard team and understand that their positive experience translates to great results for our clients.

All Systems Go

Our maintenance team runs routine checks to ensure the safety and efficiency of your facility’s equipment. We know that pool service is just one of the many responsibilities that your property and facility managers have on their plates. We believe that those in charge should not have to worry about day to day issues involving the operation of filters and chemical systems. Having a company that offers all pool services under one roof ensures that you will not have to outsource for parts, labor, or chemicals.

Safety and structure

We know how important safety is on a military base. Soldiers and their families see the pool as a place to relax and spend quality time with each other, and we want them to enjoy the experience. Our company works with each individual, on-site health department to ensure that we are working up to their standards. We understand the importance of protocol and structure, so we properly submit reports and documentation in a timely manner to keep everything in order.

Swim Clubs

Whether your swim club is part of a recreation department, privately owned, or run by a volunteer board, our expert management team is here to support you. American Pool offers services that will keep your swim club clean and safe for your members’ enjoyment.

We offer pool manager, lifeguard, and attendant services to staff your pool. We can also support your facility through our maintenance, repair, and renovation services. Every swim club is unique so we tailor our services to meet your needs. Our friendly, seasonal staff is trained for emergency situations and our operational maintenance staff helps to ensure the cleanliness and function of your pool.

Member focused

Swim clubs are a special part of your community. Our company can coordinate with swim teams and lesson programs so that the pool is ready for practice or meets. We work with owners, managers, and boards to make sure the member experience is one that keeps them coming back year after year. We are happy to explore the offer of swimming lessons, lifeguard certification classes, and another community programming.

Running Strong

Budgeting and planning is an important part of keeping a Swim Club in a good fiscal position for the long term. Our renovation and repair experts can help you organize your plan to maintain, renovate, and enhance your pool. We can also help you prepare for and comply with the new regulations as they develop.

From a mechanical standpoint, postseason care is as important as in-season maintenance. Pools have to be properly closed at the end of the summer to prevent damage. You can rely on American Pool to provide you with expert service in pool opening, winterization, and off-season maintenance.