American Pool Houston COVID-19 Updates

American Pool Client Solutions for Swimming Pool Reservations

It is our goal to make this year’s pool experience as fun and enjoyable as possible while maintaining a safe environment. In a typical year, the fun stops when the pool gets overcrowded and this is especially true in the current environment of COVID-19.

When local COVID-19 operational requirements to manage capacity and document attendance are added to the mix, it becomes clear that better tools are needed to improve operations.

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to develop tools and practices that help clients navigate COVID-19 requirements and help managers keep their members in the swim. It’s the solution you need from the company you trust. Our new app creates a seamless reservation and pool pass experience for your facility

Here’s what to expect:

  • Pool & amenity reservations from any smartphone
  • Easy and flexible community set-up because every facility is different!
  • Members always see real-time slot availability
  • Check-in & out with contact-free technology
  • Managers communicate notices and alerts community-wide via text and email
  • Health checks, waivers, and document management for compliance and risk reduction
  • When you’re ready to welcome guests, payment options and ordering is a breeze right inside the app
  • Group classes and event management to keep your community engaged & connected

Connecting your community through our resident experience app is quick and easy. 

CLICK HERE to learn more! 

American Pool 2021 COVID Recommendations and Guidelines

American Pool has reviewed the guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, the state of Texas, and leading pool industry resources to formulate our best practices for your swimming pool this year. It is our goal to make this year’s pool experience as fun as possible while doing our best to maintain a safe environment. Please keep in mind that the guidance we receive often changes, and our recommendations may also need to change.


On March 10th, 2021, Governor Abbott allowed businesses to operate at 100% capacity, as long as hospitalization rates remain below 15%, at which point local jurisdictions can impose capacity restrictions. Ultimately the decision to limit capacity at your pool is the HOA’s decision.  However, American Pool is prepared to operate your facility at 100% capacity, allowing for proper lifeguard coverage. Please keep in mind, according to the state bather code, capacity is calculated based on the square footage of the pool. For instance, a pool that is 75’ x 40’ with no deep end has a max capacity of 200 people in the pool, exceeding the typical lifeguard coverage on a pool that size (preferred guard to swimmer ratio is 1:30). Most pools this size rarely get that busy on a normal summer day. American Pool offers a reservation system and can provide more information on the application if requested.

Social Distancing

Six feet of separation is encouraged for all patrons using the pool, both in and out of the water. Bathroom occupancy should be restricted to an individual or single family at any given time. The lifeguard staff will not enforce social distancing recommendations. It is advisable to place signage and other physical cues in the pool area as reminders.


Residents should be encouraged not to use the pool when they are feeling ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. This should be reinforced through signs and other physical cues. American Pool will not be responsible for screening patrons’ health. However, American Pool can provide a wall-mounted touchless digital thermometer to reinforce self-screening, if requested.

Guests and Pool Parties

The CDC recommends minimizing nonessential visitors to the pool. The HOA will be responsible for deciding what their guest policy is, and American Pool will enforce as instructed. American Pool will offer pool parties in 2021 and they can be booked by residents at

Swim Teams and Other Group Activities

It appears that many swim teams and other groups will be resuming their pool use in 2021. American Pool recommends that these groups adhere to whatever policies are implemented by the HOA for normal swim hours.


The Governor’s March 10th order repealed the compulsory wearing of masks in private businesses. Mask wearing is still highly encouraged at pools when not in the water and when social distancing cannot be maintained. American Pool will encourage our employees to wear masks for their safety and the safety of the patrons at the pool. Patrons are also encouraged to wear masks. This can be accomplished through signs and other physical cues. Mask policy will ultimately need to be decided by the HOA. American Pool will not enforce that guests wear masks.

Personal Sanitation

Patrons are encouraged to wash or disinfect their hands after any interaction with other patrons or common touchpoint in the facility. At a minimum, washing/sanitation should be encouraged when entering the facility, and when leaving the facility. Most of our contracts include soap for the bathrooms and American Pool can provide free-standing hand sanitation stations if requested.

Furniture and Drinking Fountains

It is recommended that furniture and drinking fountains be sanitized after each use. American Pool cannot commit to disinfecting furniture/drinking fountains at this level. Furniture and drinking fountain disinfection should be encouraged to be completed by residents.  American Pool can provide free-standing wipe stations if requested. Furniture may also be stored away for the season, and patrons would be required to bring their own furniture. American Pool will also disable and tape off water fountains at no charge if requested.  The furniture/drinking fountain policy will be decided by the HOA, and American Pool will enforce as instructed.

Common Touch Points

It is recommended that common touchpoints such as ladders, handrails, bathroom door handles, faucets, and other fixture handles are disinfected routinely. American Pool can provide a summer season’s worth of stock of both disinfectant wipes and sprays if requested. If disinfectant is supplied for common touchpoints, American Pool can commit to wiping these points down 3-5x per day with standard staffing levels.

Slides and Diving Boards

It is recommended that slides and other touchpoints at the pool be sanitized on a routine basis. American Pool can sanitize on the same schedule as other common touchpoints if supplied with disinfectant. If the HOA wishes, American Pool can disable slides and diving boards.  Slide/Diving Board policy is left up to the HOA.

Employee Training

American Pool employees will receive enhanced training in COVID-19 prevention via their initial lifeguard training, lifeguard orientation, in-season training sessions, site audits, and during routine interactions with our management team.

Patron Waivers

If the HOA wishes to require patrons to sign a waiver releasing the HOA from any liability related to disease transmission, American Pool will make our best effort to assist the association. American Pool does request to be released if such a waiver is required. American Pool will also incorporate a basic statement of release on our sign-in sheets, in which signing will be an acknowledgment of the potential exposure risks associated with visiting the pool and the responsibility for self-screening.

Enhanced Cleaning and Additional Personnel

The CDC recommends that lifeguards at commercial pools should maintain their focus on their primary responsibility of monitoring the pool.  If enhanced cleaning/sanitation beyond what is outlined above is needed, American Pool can supply a cleaning/gate attendant to complete enhanced cleaning and patron education regarding COVID policies.