Swimming pool slides can be a fun addition to any inground pool. With streams or jets of spray, a slide can offer a quick and exciting trip into the pool.

Of course, safety should be the first consideration when considering a slide. Be sure that the ladder or steps are skid-free and the hand grips are molded into the slide itself. The slide should empty into water that is deep enough the accomodate the size of the slide itself. This depth may be dictated by local regulations. In addition, slide manufacturing companies are required to meet safety guidelines set by Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Today, there are a variety of styles on the market. Slides may be curved or straight. They may be designed to look like naturally occurring rock slides or shaped like comical animal characters. The style chosen will dictate the amount of deck space needed. Be sure to allow space for guests to congregate, especially in a community pool.

A slide can be added to an existing facility, but it’s easier to plan for the slide before the pool is completed. Pool slides use water from the pool to keep the surface wet and easy to slide down. Therefore a water source is required. This is easier to add during construction than after the pool is complete. When planning to add a slide later, it’s a good idea to choose the design ahead of time, so that the correcting plumbing can be installed.